Client: Popejoy Inc.

Popejoy Inc. is a highly successful plumbing, heating, and electric company located in central Illinois. Family owned, Popejoy has a long history of superb work and customer relationships, which has translated into steady growth. After 42 years of business, transition is on the horizon as the founding owners are looking to leave the business in solid condition for the next generation.

Michael’s consultation was secured for analyzing current business operations to provide a plan for growth in efficiency and processes as well as the future succession. A complete assessment of accounts receivable / accounts payable garnered surprising insights into costs dedicated to materials, human resources, assets, and so on. Michael then made recommendations to several key changes for inventory management and financial procedures which greatly improved the company’s vitality. With new procedures, Popejoy discovered new HR needs, and Michael helped with employee transitions and training. In several meetings with the owners, Michael helped outline a succession plan and advised on tax implications of the options available. Michael’s business know-how made him a trusted and wise sounding board to the owners and staff, assisting them with problem areas from a fresh perspective. With Michael’s insight, Popejoy is ready for the future.

Mike gave us so much more than accounting consulting. His scope of business expertise seems to know no limits. He was instrumental in taking our business from being somewhat unorganized to running with precision and efficiency.

—Marda Cottrell, Popejoy Inc.