Straza Consulting is a small agency with a big mission: to aid in the success of startups and small businesses by helping them overcome obstacles. Startups face many challenges, from securing financing to creating sustainable growth to recruiting talent.

This where Straza Consulting can help. We guide startups away from risks and challenges by implementing successful processes and practices into the very fiber of your startup, making your operations efficient and effective for future success.


Why Are Operations So Important?

No matter the industry or business life cycle stage, a business’s operations impact everything in both the short- and long-term. Strong operational strategy gives your company a push in the right direction and keeps it on track to achieve its goals.

For example, the accounting method you choose needs to fit your business. If payments go missing or uncollected, the ripple effect will be felt throughout the rest of your business. What if your startup isn’t properly incorporated or in the right business structure? You could be forced to pay unnecessary tax payments, leaving your startup without the funds it needs. And what determines your operational strategy? As urgent decisions clamor for your attention, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day and lose sight of your mission.

Straza Consulting helps startups navigate the multitude of decisions and choices you are facing. Our approach is process-focused, based on the four key components that work in tandem for your business’s success. It’s crucial to understand how the people, processes, systems, and information work together for the good of your business. This is our expertise.

Straza Consulting helps you assess each piece of your business’s processes and advises you on the necessary adjustments for scalable growth.

Let’s move forward together. We partner with early-stage companies from launch to growth and expansion, providing savvy business strategy in the most critical areas of business, including:

  • Financial analysis and cash flow management
  • Client relations
  • Business negotiations
  • Human resources management and coordination
  • Corporate communications and corporate identity
  • Project development

Straza Consulting is led by founder Michael Straza, “The Startup COO.” He has decades of experience working with both profit and nonprofit clients, including QikPix, Presto Media, Zdi, Immanuel Health Center, Prairie Emergency Group, and more, with special expertise in health and wellness, media, and technology.


About the Founder, Michael Straza

“Michael demonstrates an innate ability to disseminate complex business issues (for people, process, and technology) into consumable action plans.”

—Ryan Case, IT Architect, State Farm Insurance

Michael Straza is passionate about helping small businesses thrive. A graduate of Illinois State University’s College of Business, majoring in economics, Straza is a seasoned entrepreneur, startup investor, and business management specialist based out of Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. Michael founded Straza Consulting to help startups and small businesses avoid the many pitfalls he had worked to get other companies out of by proactively creating efficient and effective business processes. Key projects and partnerships have shaped the expertise that now fuels Straza Consulting.

In 1994, Straza began working as a financial analyst. He learned how to track and analyze financial indicators and observed how banks work (and don’t work) with small businesses. Michael then spent five years as a project manager followed by six years as an operations director for a small business in the healthcare industry, where he immediately discovered and recovered $240,000 in lost funds caused by oversights and errors, leading to financial stability within the company.

Straza was later part of the founding team of Zdi, the most credentialed Cisco audiovisual integrator in the United States. Since then, he has worked with dozens of startups in official roles—such as the chief operating officer (COO)—as well as an advisor and mentor to startup founders.

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