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As a business development advisor, I provide intensive counsel to business owners and leaders in need of fresh, sound perspective. Every advisement experience is customized to the client’s need. Some clients need short-term advisement to ensure they are heading in the right direction toward future success. Other clients need long-term advisement to redirect or restructure in order to grow, survive, and thrive.


Your challenges are unique. My advisement services are arranged by situation to help you assess the sort of partnership we can develop together. After you’ve read the options, if you’d like to discuss the best service for your situation, sign up for a free 30-minute assessment so we can talk it out.


Whatever your situation, I bring 25 years of expertise and sharp business acumen to provide the business development advisement you need to accomplish your business goals.  

Sign up for a free 30-minute assessment to learn how I can put my expertise to work for you.



ongoing monthly / six-month intensive

Your Situation


Your business is struggling; growth has slowed and so have sales. You seem to be working extra hard but can’t seem to gain traction. You know your business has potential, but you are missing key opportunities to get ahead. You feel stuck in the daily grind of business, with no extra mental capacity to develop strategic solutions for the problems you face.


My Approach


Each month, we’ll discuss (in-person or virtually) your business challenges to uncover solutions for expanding into new markets, growing your sales, streamlining your operations, and brainstorming solutions to internal roadblocks. A series of recommendations will be developed, attached to an execution plan.


three (3) half-day sessions

Your Situation


You are facing a decision that has the potential to change the trajectory of your business. Maybe you have potential for expansion into a new market. Maybe you want to open a new location. Maybe you want to launch a new product. Whatever it is, you need someone with keen business insight to help you hash out the details and make sound decisions.


My Approach


We will meet for three half-day sessions to dig deep into your business challenges. We will cover everything from marketplace strategies to funding to communications to strategic growth principles. I will provide innovative ideas, strategic counsel, sound direction, pertinent resources, and potential solutions to help you walk through your challenges and into future business success.


custom plan / three to six (3 to 6) 90-minute sessions

Your Situation


You have a business idea that you know the marketplace will love. What you don’t have is the know-how for making your dream a reality. You are ready to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to see this idea come to life. You need someone who has walked the startup road to guide you through the process and counsel you along the way.


My Approach


I’ll draw on my experience as an advisor, entrepreneur, business owner, and angel investor to help you launch your business on sure footing. After an initial consultation, we’ll develop a custom plan for meeting anywhere from three to six times. In these 90-minute sessions, we will cover everything from business structure to marketplace strategies to funding to communications to strategic growth principles.


90-minute sessions

Your Situation


The daily grind of business can leave you dazed and confused—you wish you could talk to someone who has been where you are, to be your sounding board. You need advice on the best course of action or to see what you are missing or to help you make tough decisions.



My Approach


We’ll meet for a 90-minute session (in-person or virtually) to discuss the list of high-level challenges you are facing. I’ll provide innovative ideas, strategic counsel, sound direction, pertinent resources, and potential solutions.

Our Clients:

Community Service

Entrepreneurship Task Force Chair, Economic Development Council
Town of Normal Race & Law Enforcement Subgroup
TEDx Normal Planning Committee
Town of Normal 2040 Vision Committee
Town of Normal Comprehensive Plan Committee
American Red Cross Board of Directors