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Get the COO-level support your business needs to thrive, with Mike Straza.

With over 25 years of experience, I know what it takes to help CEOs and other business leaders resolve the blind spots that keep their businesses from growing strong.

Do you have innovative business ideas but can’t get traction to move them forward?

I get that. Every week, I talk with CEOs and business leaders who are experts in their field but need cross-industry insight to get their plans in motion.

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They are tired of seeing a loss in revenue due to inefficiencies and waste but they aren’t sure which problem to solve first.

They need an objective point of view to help them restructure their business flow for real change.

They are too swamped with daily operations to turn their focus on the long-term actions that measurably grow profitability.

They need an entrepreneurial-minded advisor and partner who can lead the way so they can keep the business running.

They know their business has what it takes to be a market leader, but there are gaps to close before they can scale.

They need help identifying competitive advantages, solidifying market positioning, and uncovering expansion opportunities.

They have tons of expertise in their own field but lack the cross-industry insight and community connections needed for success.

They need someone to walk through the details, clarify the problem points, identify the most viable solution, and execute their vision.

That’s why CEOs and business leaders turn to me. My work has spanned the spectrum of industries—from tech to real estate, government to nonprofit, content management to financial analysis, media to health care. No matter the field, I provide COO- and CFO-level support so CEOs and business owners get their businesses and projects where they want to go by helping them:

  • solve serious internal problems that eat away at growth potential
  • expand their companies to provide more jobs & economic vitality
  • develop lucrative properties to grow business ventures & invest in the local area
  • implement initiatives for a stronger sense of place for community members

As businesses succeed with innovative ideas, it affirms what I’ve always believed: business done right is an energizing force for good. It builds communities, provides jobs, and opens avenues for people to work and enjoy life together.

Seeing the impact of good ideas coming to life is greatly satisfying. If you have business goals and plans that need traction, let’s talk. I’d love to work with you to uncover what’s needed to move your vision forward. Reach out to set a discovery call with me today.

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Get the COO-level support your business needs to thrive.