Meet Mike Straza

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I help you find solutions, identify potential, and gain momentum to accomplish your business goals.

With over 25 years of experience, I know what it takes to help CEOs and other business leaders resolve the blind spots that keep their businesses from growing strong.

Here’s how my experience produces results for businesses across the country:

Growth Specialist. By breaking long-term goals into short-term, actionable steps, I help team players align their activities with the CEO’s vision.

ROI Champion. Your investment in your business—financial or otherwise—deserves healthy returns. I help streamline operations to maximize ROI.

Results Consultant. “Success” means different things to every CEO. Let’s figure out what it means to you—not your competition.

Community Ally. There’s more to business than a company’s four walls. CEOs who feel connected to their community have a greater sense of purpose.

Multi-Industry Strategist. I have helped companies and nonprofit organizations in tech, health care, media marketing, and education discover strategic, innovative solutions for maximum growth.

Team Liaison. Communication between CEOs and their team is a non-negotiable for growth. I act as the mediator and ensure goals are clear and hyper-focused.

Financial Advisor. My experience in the financial aspects of business operations allows me to read, interpret, and advise sound financial decision-making across departments.

Visionary Advocate. It’s important to me to ensure the CEO shines—in every way. I amplify and translate the CEO’s vision into a realistic, workable plan that provides measurable results.

Michael Straza

Founder, Straza Consulting
(708) 689-9918

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