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I help you find solutions, identify potential, and gain momentum to accomplish your  business goals.

The challenges you face in business are complex and numerous. Answers are never simple to choose or easy to implement.

I’ve found that most businesses are in survival mode. The daily effort required to keep your business afloat leaves little time or energy to assess the unseen forces keeping your business from its full potential.

That’s why I come alongside business owners and leaders with keen business insight and fresh perspective to help you break out of survival mode.

I started Straza Consulting to help businesses like yours find solutions, identify potential, and gain momentum. As a business development advisor, I have a passion to assist companies, organizations, and corporations achieve their goals. Drawing on more than 25 years of professional experience in a variety of fields, I have helped companies in tech, health care, and education discover strategic, innovative solutions for maximum growth.

Michael Straza

Founder, Straza Consulting
(708) 689-9918

Our Clients:

Community Service

Entrepreneurship Task Force Chair, Economic Development Council
Town of Normal Race & Law Enforcement Subgroup
TEDx Normal Planning Committee
Town of Normal 2040 Vision Committee
Town of Normal Comprehensive Plan Committee
American Red Cross Board of Directors