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Industry: Medical

Industry: Medical

Michael's Results

Recovered $240k
in lost funds

Grew annual revenue
to $12m

Implemented new financial management protocols

A growing business can appear to be doing well on the surface and still have underlying issues. This happens in every industry but can be particularly worrisome in healthcare. Without proper operations in place, you’re not just dealing with financial loss but potential loss of life.

In one case, a well-established ER contract group was a tremendous success, but the physician owners knew operations were inefficient. This multi-million dollar business needed assistance in its strategic efforts, from contracts and insurance to scheduling and payroll. Their bottom line didn’t accurately reflect the company’s need to uplevel its efforts and bring the business to the next level of excellence.

They also had an extremely concerning problem on their hands: a 243% increase in malpractice rates. In healthcare, that’s an insurance crisis.

Knowing they could not navigate this on their own, the founders turned to Michael Straza. His strategic approach to operations and financial management provided the insight and knowledge they needed to get their business in order and move through the surge in malpractice insurance costs. They brought Straza in as Operations Director with full latitude to overhaul their systems.

First and foremost, Straza helped the company secure new insurance coverage in just three months. With his fresh insight and dedication to stabilizing bleeding cash, Straza led the business to recover $240,000 lost in funds due to previous oversights and errors. He established cash flow stability as expenses doubled.

During his tenure as Operations Director, Straza:

  • Worked to improve care and optimize physician-patient interactions
  • Managed over 100 physicians in 10 locations
  • Served as liaison between physicians and administrators
  • Navigated the sale of the company

Thanks to Straza’s extensive experience within business operations and his unique expertise in the field of healthcare, the company’s revenue grew up to $12M per year. Without his depth of knowledge and guidance, this company survived its operational and financial crisis and grew even stronger because of Straza’s leadership.

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