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Industry: Medical Clinic

Industry: Medical Clinic

Michael's Results

Opened new
care facility

Served underinsured community members

An unfortunate truth about the healthcare industry is that lack of sufficient medical insurance often serves as an obstacle to care. Communities that recognize this, and want to do something about it, can pull together and establish health centers that offer medical services to the underinsured and underserved. Such was the case for one center located in central Illinois.

After two years of planning and preparation, a facility had been approved for occupancy and was ready to serve patients—just as soon as the financial and personnel pieces were in place. Not wanting to delay care any longer than necessary to those who needed it, the founders sought out an interim executive director. They found their perfect candidate in Michael Straza.

Straza assured the founders that he could assist them in opening their doors within one year. He advised on all operations, staffing, financing, and administration. Straza created internal processes, billing procedures, and accounting functions. He also developed branding and identity so the facility would be well-received within the community.

Straza delivered on his promise and the facility did in fact open within a year. Post-opening, he walked the company through transitioning to a long-term solution, helping them hire staff to replace him in the facility’s day-to-day operations.

Straza’s expertise and guidance was an invaluable contribution to a community that desperately needed this facility’s services.

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