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Industry: SaaS Content Marketing

Industry: SaaS Content Marketing

Michael's Results

Grew to $400K+
by year 2

Contracted 75+ writers and editors

Today’s content produces (monthly) 25M views and $5M

No matter the size of the company, business owners and leaders know there’s no getting around one critical aspect: content marketing. For many, this seems an insurmountable task, as it requires time—and, even more challenging, creativity.

This was the market in which an SaaS content marketing company found its niche with the help of co-founder, co-owner, and COO Michael Straza. At the start, the company’s team members knew they had something special. The challenge was turning innovative inspiration into reality—not always an easy task. The company understood ideas need structure. So, they turned to someone who had precise expertise in this area: Straza.

Navigating the operations of the full-service content marketing agency, Straza’s goal was to eliminate the tedious and meticulous efforts content marketers cannot escape—including the seemingly overwhelming-yet-essential component of SEO. Upon the corporation’s launch, the response became undeniable.

The numbers speak for themselves, but there’s also the element of peace of mind for business owners—knowing their organic reach is accelerating while they focus on what they do best: build even better products/services.

Straza’s co-founder agrees. “Michael has always been a great source for figuring out the best path forward. He has brought strategic thinking, operations expertise, and scalability to our company, which has grown in large part due to his leadership.”

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