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Industry: Technology

Industry: Technology

Michael's Results

Handled all Legal, Financial, & Ops for launch

Grew annual revenue to $5 million by year 4

Anyone in the tech industry knows opportunities are booming—and have been for quite some time. So, companies in this arena need to have everything possible at their disposal to grow and scale their business. This became a key challenge for an entrepreneur and President of an innovative tech solutions company, who realized previous success in the digital cable sphere.

At this point, this tech-first founder was ready for something new—something that fed his innovative spirit. While he already had a strong base of customers and was an expert in the field, he needed help turning his skills and clients into a profitable and scalable business.

Since partnering with Michael Straza, the founder has built a formidable force in the tech industry. The company provides cost-effective, pre-configured tech solutions that offer expansion opportunities for businesses across diverse industries. Straza initiated and completed forward-thinking projects for Caterpillar, Walmart, Cisco, AFNI, Heartland, Illinois State University, K–12 schools, Groupon, University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign, banking institutions, and various state and federal facilities.

Perhaps most impressive is Straza’s influence in growing the company to $5M in revenue by year four of its inception—despite recession-based economic hardships. This is not lost on company leadership.

“Straza’s financial discipline, wisdom, and patience allowed us to withstand the struggles of growing a business during the worst recession of our time,” notes company President. “He has the intellect necessary to understand the complex situations that come with running a multimillion dollar business, as well as the confidence it takes to make the tough decisions.”

Straza continued working with the company as Vice President of Operations for more than six years. Today, the brand continues to grow, enjoying success through ambitious projects and solid customer relations. “One of the main reasons our business is the success it is today is Mike Straza.”

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