What Happens in the “Typical” Day of a C-Suite Executive? You May Be Surprised

C-suite folks: If someone asked you, “What does the day in the life of a [CEO/COO/CFO] look like?” what would be your answer?

I’m asked that quite often, and my first thought is that there’s nothing typical about a C-suite role. Every day is different, which means as a COO (or CEO, CFO), we’re always learning. And for me, I have the opportunity to attend many area events that give me greater insight for my current and potential clients.

My Mantra: Never Stop Learning

For instance, there was a nonprofit networking event I was interested in attending that started at 6:00 a.m. Not 6:00 in the evening… in the morning. Not my typical day at all. 

One of the things this 140-year-old organization shared that morning was news of an exciting rebrand. They wanted their identity to better represent their current approach and mission. It was incredibly interesting. And rebranding strategy for growth is something applicable to all my clients

Another event I went to recently was all about entrepreneurship. A huge space is being established in Peoria—40,000 square feet—to allow up-and-coming entrepreneurs access to resources that will help them build their business. (The building is called “Distillery Labs” so make sure to check it out!) Angel investors and venture capitalists were there, sharing their expertise. More learning for me!

Two Models Aligned in Mission, Vision, Execution

Corporate companies and nonprofits are different, yes. But they also have key similarities that involve strategic operations. In both nonprofit and corporate environments, mission and vision is crucial. But so is execution. How do both types of models take their strategic plans and make them happen on a level that raises the bar? This is the question I seek out to answer every day.

So, getting back to the question at hand. If I had to identify one “typical” aspect of my role as a COO, it is learning. Each day, my goal is to encounter something new or insightful. That’s how I help the executives I work with take their efforts to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do for companies, whether nonprofit or corporate, I’m happy to sit down and have that conversation. You can contact me here via my website or email me directly at michael@consultstraza.com.

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