About This Project


“One of the main reasons our business is the success it is today is Mike Straza,” says Aaron McArdle, President of Zdi. Zdi provides scalable, cost-effective, pre-configured tech solutions that can grow and expand their business. Aaron launched Zdi over ten years ago after building a successful digital cabling department at an electrical company. Aaron had a strong base of customers and was an expert in the field, but he needed help turning his skills and clients into a successful and scalable business.


Aaron founded the company with Michael, who we trusted to become a business partner to build and lead the operations of Zdi. “His financial discipline, wisdom, and patience allowed Zdi to withstand the struggles of growing a business during the worst recession of our time,” says Aaron of Michael.


Michael stayed on at Zdi as Vice President of Operations for more than six years. “Without Mike, Zdi would have disappeared long ago, along with many of our competitors. Mike Straza has the intellect necessary to understand the complex situations that come with running a multi-million dollar business, as well as the confidence it takes to make the tough decisions,” Aaron states. Zdi continues to grow even today, enjoying success through challenging projects and solid customer relations.


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